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OVERKILL Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth Interview 02/10/2010
February 14, 2010 11:45 AM PST
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Although everybody seems to have a different account of who came first in the world of New York/New Jersey area thrash metal, it seems certain that New Jersey’s Overkill have stayed around the longest, and have never let their fans down by remaining musically consistent and true to their roots for over 20.

With a career that launched in 1984 that produced 15 studio albums, Overkill celebrates its 25th anniversary with the release of Ironbound, a new album, on E1 Music and a North American tour with support from Vader, God Dethroned, Wabringer, Evile and Woe of Tyrants. Ironbound is a thrash metal masterpiece that features Overkill’s latest lineup, which, along with founders Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and D.D. Verni, includes guitarists Derek “The Skull” Tailer and Dave Linsk, as well as the newest member to join the band, drummer Ron Lipnicki.

Bobby Talks about new tour and new cd IRONBOUND. We Love This Band Period enjoy.. smiley
There are few names as well respected as Overkill, and with the resurgence of metal in the music world, this band is poised to return to the top. Overkill are ready to show mature metal heads they still have it and are geared up to teach the new schoolers exactly how it’s done.

The band gained their first major label deal with 1987’s Taking Over. They signed to Atlantic and remained with the label for 7 years, based on the strength and consistency of their music. Under The Influence (1988) and 1989’s The Years of Decay (1989) brought Overkill to new heights in their career. Sid Falck would replace founding drummer Rat Skates on drums to bring his own brutal percussive assault to Verni’s already powerful rhythm section. The band had already established a rabid fan base with songs like “Rotten ToThe Core” and “Hammerhead” (as well as their infamous cover of D.O.A.’s “Fuck You”), and new songs like “Evil Never Dies” and “Hello From The Gutter” would become Overkill mainstays as well. A video for “Hello From the Gutter” was garnering much fan response when it received play on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

The band’s W.F.O. album (1994) would be Overkill’s final album with Atlantic, as they would release their first official full-length live assault, Wrecking Your Neck on CMC in 1995. Overkill released 3 more full length albums (Killing Kind, From The Underground and Below, and Necroshine) by 2000.

Bloodletting (2000) was released on Metal-Is, and the band added guitarist Dave Linsk to the fray. The current Overkill lineup would be completed with the release of the live album Wrecking Everything, recorded in Asbury Park, NJ, and the addition of second guitarist Derek Tailer in 2002.

Overkill released Killbox 13, one of their most well-received albums to date, on Spitfire Records in 2003. ReliXIV and Immortalis followed, continuing the Overkill legacy.

Ironbound will be released on February 9th, 2010 on E1 Music.

Overkill Bobby Blitz part 2 02/10/2010
February 14, 2010 11:53 AM PST
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Part Two of the interview.

July 23, 2009 01:37 PM PDT
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Dave Evans originally arrived in Australia from Carmarthen Wales, aged five, and settled in North Queensland with his family. After forming his first band In Session in Charters Towers when he was seventeen he moved to Sydney where he formed a band (no name yet!) with Malcolm Young, Colin Burgess and Larry van Kriedt - a week later Malcolm's younger brother Angus joined. Malcolm and Angus' sister-in-law Sandra came up with the name AC/DC - to signify power and energy - and so one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever was born! AC/DC's first gig as at Chequers Nightclub in Sydney on New Years Eve 1973 and the band went on to attract a strong live ollowing in the next few months before recording their first single - Can I Sit Next To You Girl b/w Rocking In The Parlour.

At this time Angus started wearing his now famous schoolboy uniform (has he ever taken it off?!?!) and with their ingle racing up the national charts AC/DC undertook a grueling tour beginning at the Sydney Opera House and when playing to packed houses all around Australia. Life on the road is tough for any band and rictions and egos increased steadily until a punch-up between Evans and their manager made life on tour unbearable - and a split between Evans and AC/DC became inevitable. Bon Scott was a friend of Malcolm and Angus' elder brother George Young (a member of the legendary Easybeats - Friday On My Mind - and a well-known Australian record producer with Harry Vanda) and had seen the band perform in Adelaide.

He agreed to join AC/DC, by this stage one of the leading rock bands in Australia, and he and the band went on to rock and roll immortality as one of the biggest bands in the world. After parting ways with AC/DC Dave Evans moved to Newcastle just north of Sydney and joined up and coming hard rock outfit Rabbit in early 1975. Rabbit were already the number one rock band in Newcastle and the surrounding area and Dave had seen them performing at Chequers nightclub in Sydney and was pressed with their confronting stage presence. It wasn't long until they had signed with CBS records and recorded their first album "Rabbit" which had mediocre success. In 1976 they recorded the album "Too Much Rock And Roll" and with their appearances on the numerous television pop/rock shows this album launched them into national popularity. Rabbit were described as frenetic, violently hedonistic and Dave himself was described as savagely heterosexual. Rabbit after-show parties were always wild affairs and popular with friends, fans and groupies.

The "Too Much ock And Roll" album was then distributed in Japan, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Although sales were steady Rabbit did not tour these countries as two members called it quits after a grueling three month Australian tour. The band continued after adding a new drummer and released the single "Let Me" but it wasn't the same feeling without the two original members and the band folded in 1978. Dave vans and Thunder Down Under was formed in 1985 after his previous band, Dave Evans and Hot Cockerel, was forced o change its musical style.

Dave Evans and Hot Cockerel were a heavy two guitar rock act and the music was back to basics rock - which was Dave Evans's musical roots with AC/DC - but although the band played to packed houses hey could not get a record contract. At the time - mid 80's - the Australian record companies were signing bands dominated by synthesizers and with very little heavy guitar riffs and power chords. After being turned down again and again (with apologies!) despite the fact that the band was putting bums on seats, Dave decided to try a new pproach by combining the heavy guitar sounds with synth, brass and strings and adding a strong vocal harmony component.This worked and he signed with independent label Reaction Records. He recruited all new musicians and called the new band Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under. After Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under split Dave pursued an acting career with lead roles in small production Australian films - Coming of Age, Leonora and Come and Get It plus working in live theatre. In early 2000 Dave was invited to be a special guest for Melbourne AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck for their 20th anniversary memorial gig for Bon Scott. This special occasion was recorded live and A Hell of a Night was released through Perris Records.

SINNER has now been signed to USA label Destroy All Records (DA Records) and distributed in stores by BCDmg Distributors.

Long live Rock!

Blane from November
July 23, 2009 04:13 PM PDT
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Thanks Blane for the cool interview fun as always you rock...
Blane Born and bread non-conformist/rocker! My brothers had bands rehearsing at my house since I was a wee lad! My parents would leave so they could rehearse. And a lot of things went down they didn't know about!!! ;-> I've had a drum kit in my face most of my life!!!
NOVEMBER IS BACK!!! Leaner,Meaner,Faster,Badder are just a few of the words tossed around about the latest incarnation of NOVEMBER! With accomplishments accumulating daily (Too Numerous to list all!) such as the privledge of working with Legendary producer Beau Hill (RATT,WARRANT, ALICE COOPER,Eric ClaPToN, etc.) appearing in the April 2008 issue of METAL EDGE Magazine (OzzY on the cover!) and on the accompanying compilation C.D.! In full rotation and Featured Artist on countless Radio stations Internationally!! Played the ROCK SOLID PRESSURE Industry Showcase in September of 2008! With WELL over one million hits on NOVEMBERONLINE.COM! As anyone can see, the demand for this band is Massive! As the band wraps up their latest CD BLOOD $ MONEY with the Graphic Novel based on the music, to follow. NOVEMBER prepares to embark on a tour, as one member states, "To anywhere and anyone who will let us play for them!" With the changing climate of music and general gravitation back toward Classic Hard Rock and METAL! (Thanks to the inter-net and guitar based video games!) The band, Mike Davis - vocals/lyrics ("The WHITE SUN"!) Chip Randall - guitar/composition (The MaGiC MaN!), Blane Gilbert - Drummer/Lyricist(((ThundeRchYldE)))!!! Are in a perfect position once again to breakthrough the stagnant corporate Rock Scene!!! Having NeVeR been a "trendy" group, They continue to forge ahead with their "Mysteriously Melodic", Powerfully Dark, Ominous" sound! Again... doing it their way and making no excuses about it! Prepare to Rock, Be Rocked! Or be completely ran over by "The Most FamouS Band You've NeVeR HEARD!!! You Have Been warned!!! Are you Ready?!!!

Renegade Ride Interview on Metal Crypt
July 22, 2009 08:02 PM PDT
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Sometimes grinding hard, but not metal. Partly soft, but not pop. A bit unpredictable, but not too progressive. Renegade Ride - a modern rock band with a twist.

Good songs are what music is all about and that's what we strive for!

Renegade Ride - the bigger, better and meaner version of the group formerly known as The Ride. The band was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. After drifting through space and time for some years, line-up changes, writing quality material and working hard, Renegade Ride is now emerging stronger and harder than ever - ready to blow your mind.

Five individuals with long and diverse musical backrounds combined together in a tight musical unit and the song-writing talent of Jake Enden make Renegade Ride a band to look out for in the future. The core of the band, rock-solid after playing together in various groups, amended with singer Jaakko Latva-Pukkila in 2006 is now tuned for something big.

Never looking back, but always striving to find something new. Never to compromise, never to be easily labelled, never afraid of blood, sweat and tears required to make it happen and always giving 110 percent when on stage.

The first full length studio album Dream Machine released 20th April 2009 has already got critical acclaim and radioplay all over the world, making the future of RR look bright. Aiming to really hit the stages this year, see you there. Take The Ride!

Aaron Sly From SANCTORUM Metal Crypt Interview
June 18, 2009 09:07 PM PDT
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Thanks Aaron for the great interview.. CHEERS
In brief a metal machine.. just some of the words used to describe the talents of Sanctorum in recent years.

Sanctorum started life as ‘Devolution’ when in 2002 a group of friends forged the band from a common love of anything heavy, fast and loud. Throughout 2003 they concentrated on writing original material and supporting local bands at gigs in the Colchester area culminating at the end of 2003 with a self financed 4 track debut EP CD entitled 'Penumbra'.

Throughout 2004/05 as 'Devolution' they continued to write and gig during which time 'Penumbra' received very positive reviews from many Webzines. In September 2005 ‘Devolution’ became ‘Sanctorum’ to avoid confusion with other bands of the same name.

Late in 2004 another fully self financed project started to take shape culminating in the album entitled ‘The Heavens Shall Burn’

The album was very positively received by the ‘Metal’ music press and online webzines with copies finding their way onto CD players across the globe. Due to the success of the album and their reputation for ‘jaw-droppingly accomplished’ live sets Sanctorum are gaining an ever increasing band of faithful followers to their brand of Metal.

To further build on their debut albums’ success Sanctorum recorded their follow up album during Feb. 2008 at Philia Studios with producer Dave Chang (Stampin’ Ground, earthtone9, Orange Goblin) at the helm.

The album entitled ‘Ashes of Redemption’ seeks to follow on where ‘The Heavens Shall Burn’ left off and further Sanctorums reputation for ‘relentlessly ferocious headbanging Metaaaaalll’ with ‘soaring solos’, ‘thunderous rhythms’ and ‘enough double kick for a trilogy of martial arts movies!’.

Sanctorum have appeared alongside;

Ill Niño, God Forbid, My Ruin, Napalm Death, Still Remains, Engle, Evile, Biomechanical, Omnium Gatherum, Forever Never, Exilia, Civillian, Speedtheory, Illuminatus, Gutworm, Murder 1, The More I See, etc....

-taken from: -Sanctorum.co.uk-

Georg Dolivo From RHINO BUCKET
June 18, 2009 01:05 PM PDT
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Thanks Georg.. ROCK ON!!!
Signed to Warner Bros. in 1990, Rhino Bucket’s self-titled debut yielded two singles “One Night Stand” and “Blood on the Cross,” which heaved them to the Billboard Top 40 singles chart and made them regulars on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. Tours with the likes of The Black Crowes, Angel City,and Junkyard,ensued. Get Used to It, 1992’s follow up, was recorded by legendary producer Terry Manning (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top) and spawned the single “Ride with Yourself,” which landed on the soundtrack to the blockbuster film Wayne’s World.

In 1993 AC/DC/Dio drummer Simon Wright, joined the band for the recording of the band’s third album, 1994’s Pain. This lineup toured relentlessly until 1995 when the band took what turned out to be an extended hiatus. Never ones to say die, a one-off sold-out reunion gig in 2000 inspired Georg and bassist Reeve Downes to reform the band with original drummer Liam Jason and ex KIX guitarist Brian "Damage" Forsythe.

"Rock ‘n’ roll is like a disease,” laughs Dolivo, “once you’ve got it you’re stuck with it. I’ve tried blues and country and all sorts of different styles, but I always come back to the rock. Maybe I’m just a one trick pony, but I really like the trick I know.”

The band hit the L.A. clubs and found their reputation had grown substantially. They stormed the scene, gained the attention of hip indie label Acetate Records, and started to buckle down to pen some new tunes. "We were asked to write some music for the movie Rolling Kansas,” recalls Forsythe of their first soundtrack endeavor together [more followed, including the flicks Stateside, The Outdoorsmen and TV’s The Handler], “and the more music we made together, it just felt right. Georg has an idea and starts playing some lick,someone will join in, an idea is born and we all jump in on it. It’s this chemistry thing.”

That chemistry is all over thier 2006 release, And Then It Got Ugly, from the explosive riffs, to the soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics it is a much needed shot of no frills Rock n’ Roll that the music scene desperately craves. Needless to say, more touring with friends like The Supersuckers and KIX followed well into 2007 which also saw the return of drummer Wright at the Rocklahoma festival.

Currently the band is touring in support of thier latest release, "The Hardest Town". More dates and appearances to be added so keep checking back.

Latest New is that Rhino Bucket has landed a song on the 3 time Golden Globe nominated film, "THE WRESTLER" and on the soundtrack, which can be purchased at iTunes.com.

Rusty Cooley Interview On METAL CRYPT
June 18, 2009 11:46 AM PDT
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Rusty Is A GUITARIST I LOOK UP TOO.. Thanks Rusty
"Molecular Heinosity" Derek Sherinian 2009
"Awaken The Dreamers" All Shall Perish 2008
“Rusty Cooley” Self titled debut re-release September 2008
“Outworld” Self titled debut release 2006
“Rusty Cooley” Self titled debut release January 2003
“Book of Reflections”, Lion Music April 23, 2004
“Shawn Lane Remembered Vol.” May 28, 2004. Lion Music
“Warmth in the Wilderness 2” A Tribute to Jason Becker. Lion Music
“Prog Power 4” A showcase sample
“Prog Power 3” A showcase sample
“The Alchemist” Liquid Note Records
“Fresh Blood Vol. 4” Progressive Arts Records
Guitar 2001 Magazine Presents “Lick This”
Guitarapalooza Vol. l.
Ballbuster magazine “Ball One Strike One”
Generation Ibanez “Across the Miles”
Revolution, self titled 4-song EP

Instructional products (DVD, VHS and CD ROMS):
Fretboard Autopsy 1
Fretboard Autopsy 2
Mark Tremonti The Sound and the Story
Shred Guitar Manifesto
Extreme Pentatonics
Basic Training
The Art of Picking
Rusty Cooley performance/clinic
Rusty Cooley Performance/Clinic 2

May 28, 2009 04:09 PM PDT
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After 25 years hiatus of the originals, KROKUS is totally committed to write and produce an album that seamlessly fits into the groove of their work of the early eighties (Metal Rendez-Vous. Hardware, One Vice, Headhunter). They feel they owe this to their faithful fan base. And good things do take time!

In order to get a break from song writing and recording with a well-deserved change of scenery, KROKUS will play one exclusive summer festival in 2009 on August 5th in Zofingen, Switzerland (see countdown on HOME page and info on TOUR page).

Dani Nolden From SHADOWSIDE Band...
May 28, 2009 04:26 PM PDT
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Power, energy, intensity. Ever since the beginning, in 2001, Shadowside could be defined by their attitude and passion for Rock and Metal music. Combined with that, are the distinct backgrounds of the four band members. Coming from a musical past of Punk Rock, Thrash and Glam Metal and having very unique personalities they discovered two points in common between them all when they first got together: the love for making music and courage to take risks and pursue goals and dreams. Featuring Dani Nolden, one of the most powerful, intense yet melodic female vocals ever heard and almost supernatural charisma, they leave fans totally enthralled night after night with a highly vigorous performance.

Eventhough the four metallers come from different origins (Lithuanian, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish), they were born and raised in Brazil and started activities in the sunny beach of Santos with the release of an independent EP, which surprised both media and fans, building a strong and loyal fan base night after night with an intense stage act. Such buzz secured them support slots for bands such as Nightwish, Primal Fear and Shaman in the first year of Shadowside's career.

The hype generated about the band created very high expectations for their debut full length Theatre of Shadows. Considered one of the best albums ever released in the Brazilian Metal scene, that CD proved their initial success was not mere luck but was based instead on hard work and constant improvement. Selling over 2.000 copies in Brazil only, even before hitting the road, they were the obvious choice to support Helloween in their Brazilian tour in 2006.

During that year, Shadowside was awarded best band, album, lead singer and national show by several media professionals such as Airton Diniz, Editor in Chief of Roadie Crew Magazine. They were also featured on radio playlists worldwide. However it was in 2007 that Shadowside really went international. In July in that year, they won the "AirPlay Direct All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal", chosen between over 1,000 bands worldwide. With the exposition received from the contest they signed a worldwide deal for the worldwide re-release of the debut album.

As many predicted, Shadowside are now living the dream and after extensive touring in the North America and Brazil, new material was recorded, produced and mixed by Dave Schiffman, who is known for working with artists such as Audioslave, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Six Feet Under and several others and mastered by Howie Weinberg, know for his works with several gold and platinum selling artists such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, Rush, Aerosmith and several others. All the 11 tracks on this record show a band that are not afraid to try and grow even more mature after every single release, despite the young age of the band members.

They are ready to hit the road one more time and tour nonstop. Being one of the rising stars of the Brazilian Metal and Rock music scenes, Shadowside's new album title reflects what they always knew they should do: Dare to Dream.

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